What the community is saying…

books at Arch Academy“Books on Wings is an amazing organization that provided a special platform to share their own love of reading and books with our Scholars.  Many of our Scholars don’t have the same resources that are easily available to their more economically privileged peers so to receive a special book from an adult who simply wants them to share their joy of reading is truly a treasure.  To top it all off, not only were our Scholars smiling about their new books, but they also reveled in the nameplate on the inside front cover that shared with the world this was a special gift just for them.  Thank you so much Books on Wings for demonstrating how much you care about our children and about their reading development!”

-Angela Mansfield, Executive Director of Arch Academy

Dear Books on Wings. Wow, what a gift you’ve given our students. They are so excited and appreciative of these new books. Thank you so much for your generosity, and for spreading the love of reading!

-Second Graders, Community of Peace Academy

Dear Books on Wings Team. Thank you so, so much for your generous donation. Our students LOVE the books! I am so thankful for organizations like yours that work to put books in kids’ hands. What an important and valuable gift you are giving them. Again, thank you!

-Second Grade teachers, Community of Peace Academy

Thank you for the books! We really like that we got to bring them home! We can’t wait for the next one.

-Community of Peace Academy first graders

 “Children’s literacy is crucial to their future success and so thank you to Books on Wings for giving the gift of a book to a child that will open doors to their future while improving their communities.”

– Dan Solomon
Field Representative
Office of Senator Al Franken

“The Books on Wings event was a transformative experience for many reasons.  Our students were all able to take their learning to a deeper level through each getting their own copy of a book that will support a science unit in class. The book each child received created a lasting memory both in experience and factual knowledge that students can carry home with them and share with family and friends. A huge thank you to Books on Wings for promoting literacy, curiosity, kindness and generosity to our 3rd grade students at Partnership Academy.”

-Ashley Leary, Academic Director, Partnership Academy Charter School



And from the kids at Partnership Academy:

  • “In the book, I liked the drawings, because they look real, especially the wolf on the cover.” – Akwi
  • “I like the pictures of the book.” Crystal
  • “I like the title of the book.” – Rey
  • “I love the book. I learned that when it’s daylight, bats go back to their caves and coyotes go back to their dens.” – Angie